Why I created Dragonfly Studios

At the end of 2017 I was searching for a yoga class for my almost 3 year daughter but everything in our area was for pre-walkers or ages 4+. During my search a few friends told me they had the same issue when their children were that age. A few days later a post popped up on my Facebook feed for a 2 day training class teaching yoga & mindfulness to children. Whether it was work of the Universe or Facebook stalking me I’ll never know but I took the course and had a blast.

I’ve always loved children and knew from a young age that I wanted to be a mother. What I didn’t know, however, was how difficult life can be for a kid – balancing curiosity with school/family/society rules, understanding emotions, navigating independence when you still need help with just about everything. Add to that the jam-packed school & extracurricular schedules, desire for/dependence on screen time, and the decreasing ability to be bored or use ones imagination. It’s become a passion project of mine to show kids of all ages how yoga can help with many of their daily struggles.

Additionally, through my role as co-chair of our community’s Early Childhood Council, I’ve learned about the challenges that educators have been struggling with lately. One of the main challenges has been identifying children that will be entering the public school system in the next few years, who aren’t already attending one of the privately run daycare facilities in town. These children end up being socially, emotionally, and academically behind their peers because the families could not afford daycare, the schools no longer have budgets for literacy, math, and family nights, and the town doesn’t host any free community events. One of my goals is to hold free community events to reach the families who are not in the daycare/school systems and provide an opportunity for parents to meet each other prior to their children starting preschool and kindergarten.

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